This timely, compassionate guide distills a century's worth of research, science, and wisdom into an engaging, practical handbook for modern parents.  

One hundred years of research and science has given rise to a verifiable truth: Many popular child-rearing methods — long viewed as harmless alternatives to spanking — can drive deep divisions in parent-child relationships and damage children’s self-esteem.  

These methods include punishments (such as threats, timeouts, grounding, revoking privileges, and docking allowances), as well as rewards (such as trinkets, star charts, and bribery.)  

And, yet, for many parents, these methods seem to be the only thing keeping their households from dissolving into chaos. Take away their most useful parenting tools, and how can they expect their homes to function properly? How will they enforce limits, end conflict, and maintain authority?    

The answers to all these questions — and so many others — reside in ParentShift.  

Built around ten universal truths that explain why all children behave the way they do (often at the most inopportune times!), ParentShift argues that only one child-rearing model — a model the authors call heart-centered — gives children what they need while honoring their ages, stages, and temperaments.   

As innovative as it is inspiring, ParentShift mines the work and advice of the world’s leading experts to bring you complete toolkits designed to solve virtually any problem — from toddler to teen — while strengthening the parent-child relationship and preserving each child’s sense of self-worth.



LINDA HATFIELD has worked with parents and children for more than 34 years. A former elementary school teacher, she has a bachelor's degree in child development, a master's degree in psychology, and is certified in several top parenting programs.

In 1999, she combined her education and experience raising three young daughters to start a parent-education course that later morphed into a curriculum known Parenting From The Heart. Along with her husband, Ty, Linda teaches parents how to transform their family relationships through communication and connection, rather than rewards or punishments.

Linda’s work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, Women’s World Magazine, and the PBS NewsHour, among other outlets. She is a gifted speaker, communicator and parent coach.

TY HATFIELD is a retired police lieutenant for one of the largest cities in Southern California. He served in law enforcement for more than 40 years, including an extended assignment in the youth services division, where he created numerous mentoring programs for inner-city children and was a regular speaker at schools regarding drug prevention, juvenile crime and parenting.

Along with his wife, Linda, Ty became a certified parenting instructor, gained his teaching credential, and eventually joined Linda to co-create Parenting from the Heart.

Ty has won numerous awards for his work with children and has been quoted countless times in newspapers, radio programs and cable shows. He and his wife, Linda,  have three grown daughters and live in Huntington Beach, Calif.

WENDY THOMAS RUSSELL is an award-winning journalist, author and publisher. A native midwesterner, Russell spent the bulk of her journalism career in Southern California, writing and editing for newspapers, magazines, and other online and print publications — for which she won dozens of awards and honors.

Inspired by her own experience as a secular mother raising a young daughter, Russell wrote her first book, Relax, It's Just God, for secular parents unsure about how to address the topic of religion with their children. The book was released in March 2015 by Brown Paper Press, a publishing company focused on progressive non-fiction that she helped found.

Wendy also is an online parenting columnist for the PBS NewsHourA video co-produced in 2018 by the NewsHour and Facebook, in which Wendy argued against the use of punitive timeouts in child-rearing, went viral in August 2018, gaining more than 6.3 million views.

Russell lives in Long Beach, Calif., with her husband and daughter. 
Twitter: @ParentingHeart

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