WithParentShift, parenting educators Linda and Ty Hatfield, along with author Wendy Thomas Russell, distill a century's worth of research, science, and wisdom into one fascinating, easy-to-read and highly practical guidebook for modern parents. 

The belief that children need to be controlled and manipulated into behaving cooperatively is  woefully outdated, yet millions of parents still use timeouts, counting to three, grounding, revoking electronics and privileges, threats of punishment, star charts, bribery and other methods of control to bring children into line.

Child psychologists (and scientists!) have long since found control-based parenting to be damaging to our children's self-esteem and to our relationships with them — setting them up for any number of unpleasant challenges down the line. 

The authors present ten universal truths about children's behavior, giving parents the insights they crave into why their children do what they do, and then show precisely how honoring these truths is the key to preventing and solving virtually every problem you'll face with your children.